EHC is working on making our air cleaner and protecting our communities health. Also, every election, we aim to make sure everyone has the info they need to vote safely and easily. 

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Can we count on you to vote?
This past year, experts found that people in neighborhoods with more air pollution were suffering the most from COVID. Our communities have always had more health issues than others (like asthma and cancer) because of the pollution that surrounds us, but now even this virus hit us harder, just because of where we live. That isn't fair! 
The industrial work and trucks coming to and from the Port affect the air quality in Logan and National City. The freeways that surround City Heights pollute the air there too.
Do you believe pollution impacts your or your familys health?
Some politicians and laws protect air quality and health, but others protect polluting businesses' ability to make money.
Is community health more important to you than polluters' profits?
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