Want to make a difference in this September's 2021 California governor recall election? Volunteer with EHJC! You can help us reach voters in environmental justice communities that historically have some of the lowest voter turn-out rates in the county. All work will be done remotely using your computer/smartphone. You'll be calling voters that don't vote very often and/or dropping off voting information at their doorsteps.

Sign up today:

1) Join our volunteer day(s) on 8/14*, 9/11*, 9/13 and/or 9/14 to learn about what will be on the ballot as well as what information well be telling the community.

2) Get trained on how to phonebank from home using online voter technology to contact registered voters and get them to commit to turning in their ballot in this election.

3) Learn about how to stay involved fighting for cleaner, safer, and healthier neighborhoods long term.

*Voter Data Technology Training Included


For more info, please contact franco@environmentalhealth.org. We'd love to hear from you!

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Sign up! Help us reach voters from the comfort of your home. Sat, August 14th, Sat, September 11th, Mon, Sept 13th and/or Tue, Sept 14th.
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